Selfish Music Video - Version One 9/8/17


Hello humans!
     This past summer, I temporarily teleported to Hawaii Nei to work on a music video for "Selfish" amongst other thangs. The preparation process spanned from June to July 2017 and it was stressful, yet exhilarating. The filming process was a two day period from July 22 and 23 and we shot the video in four locations (three of em in one day, what??). My crew and I learned how to use a slate and I believe it was the most amount of work we accomplished together. For those who don't know, "Selfish" is a song from my second EP "True Colors" and it was the most popular song (streaming and sales wise) I released so far. It wasn't even released as a single. Ha! There will be two versions of this song and two versions of this music video as we had enough footage for two videos.  I hope y'all will enjoy "Selfish Versions One & Two" when they come out. Looking forward to sharing these videos with all of you! The first version will be released on September 8, this Friday! Ahh! See y'all then.


Much love,
Mars Luna